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7 Steps to Writing Your Book and Getting it Published

    How to Start Writing a Book

    As I work one-on-one with writers and those who want to be writers, I get to hear all sorts of questions and concerns. One which keeps popping up lately is; “How do I start writing a book?”

    There are heaps of people out there who have a great idea for a book in their heads. Their problem is the art of knowing how to get that idea down on to paper. Many say they haven’t written since their college days, and that every time they go to start, they experience a complete ‘blockage.’ Others say they don’t have the time to write, they aren’t creative enough, or they lack the stamina to sit down for a set period to begin. But for most there’s something else too; they simply don’t know where to begin!

    Do they start with dialogue or a paragraph of text about the scenery? With the main character, or with the lady who gets murdered? With a dramatic scene, or something more subtle to lead the reader into the book? All this depends on the genre of book you are writing, the theme of your book, the target audience of your book, and the plot of your book. It’s not a good idea to simply sit down one day and say to yourself, “Today I’m going to start writing a book.”

    Your book is precious, it will take a lot of your time to complete, and as such it deserves some proper thought and planning. Characters need to be determined and analyzed, scenes need to be carefully considered, hooks devised (especially for at the end of chapters) and the structure and theme plotted. If you’re still struggling, and you’d like to get those creative juices flowing, then I’d suggest some exercises to wean your way into writing. Try free-writing, or morning pages – both are great ways to overcome writer’s block and get yourself on the writing road…

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