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    Keidi’s magnificent editing of my second book was invaluable. Her work was fast, efficient and very reasonable. I will never edit my books with anyone else. I just wish I knew about her editing skills when I did my first book.
    Atlanta, USA, Author of Men Are Too Horny & Women Are Too Smart: The Problem With Relationships
    Xadrian Love
    Thank you so much for your edits and critique of my manuscript! What you have suggested is very helpful to me as I continue to massage out my books intent. Plus I like that you deliver your critique in a constructive manner.
    Brandon, Canada, Author of Life’s Holy Rhyme
    Kim Longstreet
    Keidi, you did an outstanding job on my manuscript. Your tireless, professional editing really took my story to another level, ditching overboard the unnecessary. Your illuminating comments are invaluable to a writer and I look forward to submitting you my next manuscript.
    Israel, Author of Armada
    Hillel Weintraub
    Keidi helped to bring my book to a level of greatness with her wonderful talents. Magnificent falls short of what she did for me. I look forward to using her wonderful talents again in the future.
    New York, USA, Author of Good Men Do Cheat
    Carl A Roberts
    Keidi Keating helped put the final touches on my two books: Dreams Become Reality, and the sequel, Dreams Become a Nightmare. I enjoyed working with her throughout the editing and publishing process. She really helped and assisted me when I needed it and her hard work has made both of these novels turn out better than I would have ever imagined! I can't wait to work with her again on the final book to end the trilogy!
    USA, Author of Dreams Become Reality, and Dreams Become a Nightmare
    Megan Johnson
    When an editor can unravel the ramblings of a dyslexic writer and turn it into what he was trying to say with perfect punctuality and grammar, in turn making it a sellable product, it can only mean you found Your Book Angel. Thank you, Keidi!
    Waikiki, Hawaii, Author of Buzzville
    Mike Lyons
    Keidi has a way of seeing through to the heart of what an author is trying to say. She polished each sentence to perfection and, as a result, the whole manuscript flowed beautifully. Keidi is also very friendly and professional. I felt as though I could always ask for help or advice and that she was always available should I need her. I will definitely be using her again for my next project.
    Florida, USA, Author of Magick
    Leslie Oakley
    Keidi is by far the best editor I've ever worked with and I'm very picky who I choose to read my manuscripts. I feel very blessed to have met Keidi. She's a once in a life-time editor. I couldn't imagine not having her part of my supportive team. Keidi is extremely professional, kind, trustworthy, and talented. She edits my manuscripts always on time and her feedback is insightful and helpful. It always amazes me how much she makes each manuscript shine. Aside from manuscripts, she also edits query letters and last minute writing opportunities that I partake in. I would be lost without her. I love her!
    New York, USA, Author of Mom and Daughter Yoga: A Fairy Tale, Demanding Forever, Trust and Forever, and Bella Cove
    Rochelle Katzman
    Many thanks Keidi for your amazing critique and edit of my book. Your professionalism and efficiency blew my mind, and the advice and direction you gave me is invaluable. I will definitely be referring you to other authors.
    Las Vegas, USA, Author of The Desirable YOU
    Betsy Allen
    Keidi Keating turned my manuscript into a well-written novel. Her editorial insight and recommendations improved my book with her reader’s point-of-view. I felt very comfortable working with her and highly recommend her editorial and publishing services.
    San Diego, USA, Author of Big Jim
    David Lucero