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    Using Social Media to Sell Books

    Today I’d like to offer all you published authors out there some tips on how to market your book. And if you haven’t got a book published yet then save this article so you can refer back to it when you do have your first published book in your hands!

    When it comes to marketing your book online a good place to start is social media websites, simply because people love to meet published Authors. Start by creating an account on Facebook, Twitter and MySpace. These are the main three that I recommend, although if you really want to push the boat out then LinkedIn is well worth the extra effort.

    For your profile photo, either use the cover of your book, or a nice photo of you holding your book. When writing your profile / biography be sure to let people know that you’re an author and the title of your book. You should also include a web-link leading to your book for sale on Amazon, or to your book’s blog / website.

    Now’s the fun part! You must join as many groups as you can related to the subject matter of your book. For example, if your book is about the criminally insane you should look at joining groups about this topic. You’ll be surprised at how many groups are out there, so don’t worry about finding a good few. You can also join more general groups such as ‘writing,’ ‘authors,’ ‘writers,’ ‘books,’ and so on…

    Twitter is completely different as it doesn’t involve groups, although you can use the search box on the home page to type in the words, for example ‘criminally insane’ and see what people are chatting about that subject then you can follow them and hope they follow you back.

    With Twitter you can also set up a profile on the ‘yellow pages’ of the site, Twellow. Here you can also find people to follow who are interested in the subject of your book.

    I’ll be releasing future products on book marketing, but for now take action by following the tips above. I really hope this helps you to sell some more books. Just remember, don’t try to be somebody that you’re not on social media sites as that’s really obvious. Be yourself and people will adore you for it!

    Love & Light,

    Your Book Angel xxx

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